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Traditional financial systems often limit your control and ability to use your own money with high fees, strict terms, and unpredictable conditions. These barriers are what prevents you from achieving your financial goals and aspirations.

At Cash Value Whole Life, we want to teach you about the power of banking with cash value whole life and the freedom it can bring. And don’t worry – we’ll be here to guide you every step of the way.

Meet Nick

Nick lives in Colorado with his family and has been immersed in the world of insurance since he first launched his own whole life policy at age 22. His fascination with personal finance led him to become a licensed agent in 2020, driven by a desire to help others understand and leverage Infinite Banking. With years of dedicated study and firsthand experience, Nick now guides clients through the complexities of financial planning using whole life insurance as a powerful tool for achieving financial independence.

Our Process to Your Path to

Financial Empowerment

Step One

Learn how to Bank with Cash Value Whole Life

Our journey begins with education. We’ll walk you through how CVWL Banking works, exploring how you can leverage your whole life insurance to serve as your personal bank.

Step Two

Create Tailor-Made Financial Solutions

Based on your financial goals and needs, we design a custom whole life insurance policy. Whether you’re focused on building a banking system or simply seeking reliable life coverage, we’ll craft a policy that maximizes your benefits.

Step Three

Receive Ongoing Financial Guidance

Our commitment to your financial success doesn’t end once your policy is in place. We offer ongoing support and yearly reviews to adjust your policy as your life changes.

Why Use a

Life Insurance Policy as a Bank?

Envision a future where you are the master of your finances. With a properly built whole life policy, you have the flexibility to fund your dreams, invest with wisdom, and build a secure, prosperous legacy. All this, while bypassing traditional financial hurdles.

Financial Control and Freedom

Self-Financing Capability: With Cash Value Whole Life policies, you become your own bank. This means you have the freedom to loan money to yourself, repay it on your terms, and use it for any personal or business need without requiring approval from traditional financial institutions.
Your Cash Value is Liquid: Your money is accessible whenever you need it. Whether for emergencies, major purchases, or investment opportunities, you have immediate access to your funds without penalties or restrictive conditions.

Tax Benefits

Tax-Deferred Growth: The cash value in your whole life policy grows and is tax-deferred, meaning you won’t pay taxes on the growth while it accumulates..
Tax-Free Loans: Loans taken against the cash value of your life insurance policy are tax-free as long as the policy remains in force. This is a significant advantage over taking withdrawals from taxable investment accounts..

Uninterrupted Compound Interest

Reinvesting Interest: Unlike traditional loans where the interest paid goes to the lender, and your debt is their asset, with Cash Value Whole Life Policies your money is effectively 2 places at once.. The capital can both be in the policy earning dividends uninterrupted and ALSO in another investment or opportunity at the same time. Your loans do not affect the dividends you’re earning.
Increased Wealth Accumulation: Over time, this process can significantly increase the amount of cash value available to you, creating a powerful compounding effect that enhances your ability to accumulate wealth.

Lifelong Stability and Security

Uninterrupted Growth: Your cash value is always growing within your policy, providing a stable and predictable way to save and grow your funds without losing any liquidity.
Uninterrupted Growth: Your cash value is always growing within your policy, providing a stable and predictable way to save and grow your funds without losing any liquidity.

Legacy and Estate Planning

Efficient Wealth Transfer: Whole Life Insurance allows you to leave a financial legacy to your heirs in a tax-efficient manner. The death benefit from a whole life insurance policy is received tax-free by beneficiaries, providing them with financial security without the tax burdens associated with other forms of inheritance.


Your Questions Answered

Can anyone start banking with Cash Value Whole Life, or are there specific qualifications?
While this strategy is accessible to many, it’s best suited for those who have a stable income and can commit to long-term funding of their life insurance policy. It’s important to have a financial foundation that supports additional contributions beyond the basic premium.
Depending on how your policy is set up your cash value will start to grow and accumulate immediately. The exact time depends on the amount of your premiums and how your policy is structured. We will build a policy together that fits your goals, and if immediate liquidity is one of your goals (maybe for real estate investing or paying down debt) you will have early access to your cash value.
Like any financial strategy, there are risks. Primarily the risk utilizing this strategy is with an insurer demutualizing or potentially lowering their dividends. This is why we only use companies that have a strong track record of performance and strong financials. The biggest differences in policy performance are not the insurance company or other outside factors. It is the actions of the policy holder! If you are going to become your own banker, you should plan on becoming a good banker. However, these risks can be managed effectively with proper planning and guidance.
Yes, if managed properly. Cash Value Whole Life can provide a reliable and flexible source of funds that can help reduce and eliminate reliance on external lenders, accelerate paying down debt, enhance your ability to invest, and enhance your retirement years with access to tax free retirement income

Comparing Banking with CVWL vs Traditional Banking & Borrowing

Title CVWL Banking Traditional Banking
Credit Check Requirements No credit checks required. Credit checks necessary, impacting credit score.
Loan Approval Process Immediate access, no approval process. Lengthy approval process, documentation required.
Interest Rates Simple Interest loans that YOU CONTROL Higher and variable interest rates; interest paid benefits the bank. Any missed payments affect your credit
Privacy and Control High privacy; borrower controls loan terms. Less privacy; bank dictates loan terms.
Flexibility of Repayment Flexible repayment terms set by the borrower. Fixed repayment terms set by the lender.
Access to Funds Contractual access to cash value Access may be affected by external economic conditions.
Long-Term Financial Growth Builds wealth through compound growth of cash value. Combined with liquidity the use of that capital is not restricted and can be used two places at once (both within the policy and in another investment if opportunity arises) Does not contribute directly to personal wealth; focused on profit for the bank.

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